21 Days To Your Last Cigarette

Dr. Robert Gatis B.Sc., N.D., MCHt, FAARFM

Are you worried that smoking is killing you? Your husband, your daughter, your son, your mother, your father, your friend? Please take the time to listen to the brief 3-minute video. Are you ready to take action? If you are, download the free MP3 'Preparing For Change' and the PDF 'The 7 Biggest Myths About Smoking' before you consider buying the program.

The Program, 'Stop Killing Yourself: 21 Days To Your Last Cigarette' includes: 

  • 7 professionally-recorded MP3 Hypno-Meditations: Preparing for Change, Self-health, Stress Management, Building Self- Confidence, Smoking Cessation, My Last Cigarette, Reinforcement: I AM a Non-Smoker Now & Forever 
  • 5 PDF's: The Seven Biggest Myths About Smoking, Using EFT to Reduce Tobacco Cravings, Food & Supplements to Increase Dopamine Levels, The Quickstart Guide & Program Outline, The Program Rationale

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About Dr. Robert Gatis

“Robert is a registered and practicing Naturopathic Doctor and founder of the company Mind Miracles Inc., Mind & Body Miracles & the Mind Miracles Institute. Over his time in practice, Robert has developed a keen interest in the multidisciplinary approach to healing – recognizing that disease is an expression of our inner selves and is meant to be learned from rather than feared. He has taken advanced training in hypnosis, NLP and Matrix Re-imprinting and is a Master Hypnotherapist. In particular, he is presently exploring the effects of the mind, emotions, belief systems and attitudes on the development of chronic diseases. As an Advanced Fellow in Anti-Aging Regenerative and Functional Medicine, Dr. Gatis has a special interest in the physiological and Psychological affects of the aging process in humans."

— Dr. Robert L Gatis B.Sc., N.D., MCHt, FAARFM

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